Why is UX/UI so important for startup business?

Why is UX/UI so important for startup business?
Robin Padhi
Posted By: Robin Padhi

21 Sep 2021

Without a great UI/UX approach, your site, app or solution is likely to lose users and to frustrate those who are trying to navigate and find what they need to complete tasks, get information etc. In a tech world where there is a lot of competition, one cannot afford to ignore the importance of this design aspect. 

You have laid out your website or your mobile app for a reason, that’s to engage with customers, provide them the solution, & get traction from it. In this entire chain, and the ultimate objective of keeping customers’ happy, the role of website & mobile app is predominant. The interaction between mobile solutions (website & mobile app) & the consumers is largely influenced by the UI/UX of the solution. Now, I will tell you why UI/UX plays an important role in a solution’s success.

1. Customer satisfaction: When your solution has a great user interface & elements of great user experience, customers are bound to feel happy. They will be satisfied while using your solution & the service which it offers. Satisfied customers mean you can expect all the benefits that you want, including increase in sales.

2. Understand your audience: This is a prerequisite to build a great design. Before you come out with a great UI/UX design for your audience, you will have to understand them thoroughly. Thus, having an intention of right UI/UX leads to understanding & segmenting your audience which in turn has many other benefits.

3. Branding: Good UI/UX design can help in branding leading to a solution’s success. The components of branding which you can include in your UI/UX design are logo, theme, colour, banners, pictures, content, and others.

4. Saves investment: My solution is successful because it doesn’t require frequent updates & bug fixes. Has UI/UX played any part in it? – Yes, definitely, superior UI/UX design means users will be happy with your solution & hence it doesn’t require any further updates saving undue investment.

An extraordinary interface will give your users a realistic feeling, a feeling of satisfaction & suaveness when using your app. This will lead to increasing interest in your app. A natural outcome of the rise in interest in your app & in your business will be increasing conversion rate & a positive name for your brand. It is therefore very important to engage with the right UI/UX design company to get your app’s UI/UX correct.

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