Why is a mobile app important for business growth?

Why is a mobile app important for business growth?
Robin Padhi
Posted By: Robin Padhi

21 Sep 2021

Today, approx. 85% of people are using smartphones and the market of smartphones is growing fastly. People use their smartphones in their day to day life for shopping, online ticket booking, taxi booking, or anything. So, it becomes an important thing for a business to have a mobile app for their products and services. A mobile app helps them to discover more potential customers. Mobile apps help the business to increase its brand presence. Mobile apps provide great exposure on multiple platforms to reach a targeted audience on different platforms at the same time. 

According to reports, mobile apps are anticipated to create around a million-dollar by 2021. This is a clear indicator that businesses have to come up with apps to gain more profits. Nonetheless, some entrepreneurs are adamant to invest in this platform.

Developing a mobile app for your business is a great idea to get more users, which can help you to generate more revenue.

According to Statista reports of 31st March 2021, The number of smartphone users worldwide today surpasses three billion and is forecast to further grow by several hundred million in the next few years.

If I talk about the Web page indexing in Google search engine, Google also indexes the first mobile responsive site.

This is enough information to move your business to a mobile version and develop a very high quality with the latest features, which helps to attract more users.

Top reasons why businesses must invest in mobile apps!

  1. It Improves Customer Loyalty
  2. Improves Customer Engagement
  3. You can send Push Notifications
  4. Build a Stronger Brand
  5. Reach out to younger demographics
  6. It Helps in Retargeting
  7. It provides a Personalized Shopping Experience

So with all the above-mentioned advantages related to smartphone app development, it becomes crucial to have a mobile app that is secure and gives good performance. If your app is not fast enough or hangs more often than not, it would become a sort of annoyance for the customers and they would probably choose another app the next time.

Hence, if they do not want to lose out on potential customers, the business owners should always keep in mind to look for reliable web and mobile development companies for mobile application development services. If the mobile app developers are competent enough, they would create an app that would prove to be a great boon to your business and would certainly play a significant role in taking it to the next level!

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